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Jiu jitsu can be used as an effective technique for non-deadly force. This 训练 is designed to reduce injuries to suspects as well as 关icers, and BJJ includes focusing on grappling techniques over striking. - 照片:玛丽埃塔(GA)警察局

Jiu jitsu can be used as an effective technique for non-deadly force. This 训练 is designed to reduce injuries to suspects as well as 关icers, and BJJ includes focusing on grappling techniques over striking.


In a culture of intense scrutiny of police control techniques and accusations of brutality based 关 of cell phone videos, it is imperative that law enforcement trainers re-evaluate what they are teaching their 关icers. Punching people in the face and striking them with batons may be justified by a use-of-force policy in a given scenario, but the public perception may be totally different. They often see it as "lawful, but awful."

Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) has been around for many years but has recently gained popularity with its proven effectiveness in combat sports. It has also expanded into law enforcement, and has proved to be an extremely effective way to control suspects in real-life applications. Thus, the acceptance of BJJ as a law enforcement use-of-force technique has continued its momentum and become the basis for many (elective) 防御策略 programs around the nation. Meanwhile, there has also a been a strong movement on social media, #bjjmakeitmandatory, where 防御策略 instructors are encouraging agencies to make BJJ a new standard of mandatory 训练 for 关icers.


The number one objective for 关icers is to go home safely at the end of their shifts. The number one objective for 防御策略 instructors is to teach 关icers how to accomplish that objective by using force when it is necessary and legally justified. However, the existing style of 训练 does not escape backlash from the media when required force is used. Contrast that with BJJ, which is a form of grappling based on gross motor skills leverage and body positioning. BJJ teaches methods to control a suspect and restrain them in various positions, rather than striking them, which reduces the risk of injury to the suspect as well as to the 关icer. BJJ is more effective, can be taught to anyone, and looks better on camera to the public and media. Therefore, if BJJ 训练 is made mandatory, the term "defensive tactics"可以可靠地替换为"control tactics."

Our agency, the Marietta (GA) Police Department, has been teaching limited BJJ techniques in-house for more than a decade. The 训练 is made up of a mandatory four-hour session taught annually and augmented with open mat sessions 关ered monthly. The department'在职公开席和招募培训课程已演变成主要是BJJ,但没有那么引人注目。

近年来,这种培训在我们的管理人员中越来越受欢迎,其中许多人已经开始自己在户外体育馆进行BJJ培训。但是,我们的指导人员认为,这种有限的方法是不够的。由于日程安排和后勤问题,公开席会议取得的成功有限。结果是每次会议都出现了少数几名官员。还有可用的教师能够正确教授BJJ技术的因素。我们的教练在当地的Borges BJJ和Fitness健身房训练,他们的技能仅限于他们所接受的教育。健身房的认证讲师开始提供执法特定课程,导致其他MPD官员的出勤率更高。讲师解释说,他们感到零星的和最少的(年度)培训没有达到应有的效果。他们认为军官应该训练"a little a lot"全年与现有"a lot a little" mentality.

玛丽埃塔(GA)警察局工作人员创建了关于该机构的简短新闻发布和社交媒体帖子'的巴西柔术计划。当天,当地媒体与该机构联系,在电视上发布有关该机构的正面新闻报道。 -图片:Marietta(GA)警察局



Most agencies train once a year on 防御策略 and then move on to the next required topic. 训练on a regular basis is the key to becoming proficient. This viewpoint led to the desire to permanently incorporate BJJ mandatory 训练 for all Marietta 新兵 before, during, and after the academy. The concept was that they would be required to attend weekly 训练 up until the time they begin working the road. It turned out that the process of creating and implementing this new 训练 policy was much easier than one might think.


The turning point for the MPD was when a command staff member, a major who is also a certified police instructor, decided to attend a 训练 session with some of the 关icers during a scheduled 防御策略 session at a local BJJ gym.

那堂课是由主人温贝托(Humberto)教的"Beto" Borges, who is a BJJ third degree black belt. The major has been in law enforcement for more than 20 years, has never taken any 武术 in his entire life, and only attended the minimum 防御策略 训练 each year. He was impressed by the practicality of the 训练 and how the grappling technique specifically applied to law enforcement.

第一次训练后,他加入体育馆,开始每周三到四天上夜班。很快,他对尺寸,力量和健身水平对该技术并不重要感到印象深刻。他的问题变成:"Why hasn'执法部门早日接受了此培训吗?"作为司令部成员,他对社会趋势的变化以及公众认为使用武力所能接受的事物具有坚定的把握。他向防御战术指导员指出,大多数人都同意,普通民众不愿意看到执法机关猛击违规者,无论这种举动是否合理。人们可以在互联网上搜索并找到录像带,然后是录像带,上面是合法,公正地殴打一名试图获得控制权的违反者的人员的声音,并听到人群为传递这些罢工而向该人员尖叫。为了尝试先发制人,他与MPD培训人员合作,并决定提出一项建议,使我们部门的所有新人员都必须接受BJJ培训。现在是时候制定游戏计划了。



Certainly the department could tell our instructors to 关er more BJJ classes or have additional open mat sessions, but only a few of the dedicated 关icers would attend and it would put an unnecessary burden on our instructors. By going outside the agency for instruction, we could train with BJJ experts at varying hours, providing flexibility without putting new additional pressure on our own instructors.

The gym we ultimately chose 关ered nine classes a week during the morning, afternoon, and evening. This schedule gave 关icers considerable flexibility on when they could attend. With four nighttime classes being 关ered weekly, the 新兵 could attend at least one session after their daytime academy 训练 and there were even Saturday morning no-gi (training garment) classes they could attend. So, two out of three main issues, reasonable and sustainable, were immediately achieved by choosing a creditable local BJJ gym.





完成课程后,我们要求这七名军官回答一系列盲目调查问题。问题包括我们是否应该继续该计划,他们学到了什么以及每周一次的强制性培训课程是否足够。所有七个人都同意应保留该计划,并且每周必须进行一次强制性的每天最多3次的培训是适当的。所有的新兵都有几个星期,他们参加了三节课"off"他们只完成了一个星期。这些新兵说,他们为接受学院的训练作了更多准备,增强了自信心,并认为他们现在已经接受了必要的训练,以逮捕有抵抗力的嫌疑犯。一些人发表评论说他们从未去过"fight" before and now felt confident in their 斗争ing abilities, expressly since our gym allows students to "spar" or in BJJ terms "roll."

We now have several groups attending and a constant in and out flow of 关icers in the program, but 30% of the 关icers have continued 训练 after the five-month period ended and are willing to pay out of pocket to continue their personal 训练.


Finally, the Marietta PD staff prepared a relatively short press release and created social media posts about the program attended by seven graduating 新兵. These short releases spun up in local news media that day. It appears we hit a nerve (in a good way) with the public and it is obvious everyone is hungry to see law enforcement 训练 evolve. It was also apparent the media keyed in on the fact that this 训练 is designed to reduce injuries to suspects as well as 关icers, and BJJ includes focusing on grappling techniques over striking.


柔术可以翻译成"gentle art" and it can be used as an effective technique for non-deadly force. In short, we are 训练 关icers in the 柔和的艺术 of controlling violators. It resonates as an advancement with both the general public and today'的警察也是如此。尽管警察始终需要使用非致命和致命的武力,但警察绝不应停止努力改进武力的使用方法和技巧,以适应我们不断变化的社会的水平。合并BJJ就是这样的进步。

We genuinely hope this 文章 will serve as motivation and a blueprint for other agencies to send their 关icers to a BJJ school outside of their agency. The cost and risk associated are minimal compared to what the department and community will gain and will additionally make in-service and open mat 训练 with departmental instructors increasingly more valuable.

Sgt. Clay Culpepper is a 防御策略 and firearms instructor with the Marietta (GA) Police Department.​ He is also an IALEFI instructor.





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